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COM DISCOGRAPHY - ALBUM: WASHING MACHINE WASHING MACHINE TRACK LIST: 1. Junkie's Promise 4:02 3. Saucer-Like 4:25 - 4. Washing Machine 9:33 5. Little Trouble Girl 4:29 see notes below re: US vs Euro pressing sequencing 7. No Queen Blues 4:35 8. Panty Lies 4:15 9. Skip Tracer 3:48 - 11. The Diamond Sea 19:35 NOTES Sonic Youth's eleventh album "Washing Machine" is the first record to almost exclusively feature Kim on guitar rather than bass, and contains some of sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом lengthiest material since "Goo" and "Daydream Nation", including the epic "Diamond Sea" which drifts onward sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом an unprecedented 20 minutes, still the longest track on any SY album excluding the SYR releases. Incidentally, "The Diamond Sea" would prove to be one of the band's most popular songs, and it along with SY's headlining spot on the summer Lollapalooza tour would introduce legions of new fans to their music. HISTORY The first show I'm aware of that featured "Washing Machine" material was on March 25th, 1995 in Granada, Spain. This would later become standard sonic practice - debuting new material live instrumentally, instead of perfecting the vocal and layout first. The "Washing Machine" liners state that the album was recorded between January and May '95 - I'm not sure exactly when they were in Memphis. In any case, the album was probably mostly finished by the time they commenced their first tour since July 1993, a brief run through various Northeast colleges and universities in late April in fact, the album's cover photograph was taken at the April 28th Amherst, MA show, indicating that the "Washing Machine" concept was already well under way. This brings up a point worth mentioning - at some point in early '95, Sonic Youth were seriously considering changing their name to "Washing Machine" - how seriously, I'm not sure, but I do think it was a little more than a gag. The college shows were more or less a warm-up for the next tour, which was the opening slot on The tour was to begin on May 1st, literally immediately after the college tour, but things came to a halt when Though he recovered fully, there was a period sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом it was uncertain whether It was at this show that Sonic Youth debuted "The Diamond Sea", probably having written in within the 2 weeks prior and I don't think they were still working in Memphis at this point, so perhaps the LP version was recorded back in NYC? All of "Washing Machine", except for "Little Trouble Girl", was performed throughout the tour their standard set length was 7 songsthough most still had working titles: "Thumb" would become "Saucer-Like"; "Jim Carrol" would become "Becuz"; "Voidoid" would become "No Queen Blues"; "Pick Droppa" would become "Skip Tracer"; "New Wave Bass Line" would become "Panty Lies"; and "Kim's Tune" would become "Washing Machine". The tour: Lollapalooza '95. Supporting acts: Pavement, Beck, The Jesus Lizard, Hole, Sinead O'Connor later ElasticaCypress Hill, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, along with a host of second stage wonders. Sonic Youth's sets on this tour literally covered their entire career, performing an unprecedented total of 33 different songs over the month-and-a-half-long tour. Following Lollapalooza, SY did two shows overseas, one in Barcelona and one in Paris the latter of which provided 4 songs for an eventual bonus disc included with "Washing Machine"before returning to NYC to make their 3rd appearance on David Letterman's show on September 22nd, performing the first single, "The Diamond Sea" sans outro, naturally. This time around, the venues were comfortable theatres and clubs, but the set list variation was not affected. While on a 2-day, 3-show stop in NYC, they performed "The Diamond Sea" on another TV show, "The State". Less than 2 months later, they were on the road again, for the first real Washing Machine European tour, in March and April. They did not, however, play current single "Little Trouble Girl", instead they tore through a furious version of "Junkie's Promise". After 2 more stray shows, they slowed down a bit - though they did make their first of 3 consecutive annual appearances at the Tibetan Freedom Concert, on June 16th, 1996 in San Francisco. In August '96 they travelled to Hungary and Israel for the first time, and finished this 6-date tour at the Reading Festival in England. After one more show in Spain in November, Sonic Youth's extremely busy 2 years of touring was finished, and the band took a well-deserved break from serious touring in 1997, free to focus on their new studio and a slew of new recordings. That said, I've completely ignored the album itself! After a couple of records without any sprawling, lengthy songs the longest song on Dirty was "Sugar Kane", clocking in at 5:56"Washing Machine" offers several tracks that break their own previous records. The title track exceeds 9 minutes sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом, up until then, was the longest track on a Sonic Youth album prior to its release, that award went to. While "The Good And The Bad" held that record for 13 years, "Washing Machine" held it for about 45 minutes. This is all just trivial, really, but it's noteworthy that "Jet Set" really was their last record comprised of really short songs. Washing Machine's first track, "Becuz", originally stretched to 7 minutes. The band was so satisfied with their 8-track demo of "Panty Lies" that they felt no need to re-record it in Memphis, and the scratchy intro to "No Queen Blues" was culled from the same demos - it was mixed in with the 16-track take from Memphis, demonstrating SY's ability to truly shape a song to fit their ideal vision within the studio. For the first time since "Daydream Nation", Lee sings lead vocals on more than one song and co-vocal with Thurston on "Unwind". The album also featured some guest vocalists: Kim Deal, along with Lorette Velvette and Melissa Dunn, on the haunting "Little Trouble Girl". The first single was "The Diamond Sea", with the aforementioned alternate ending version on the b-side, as well as a quirky little ode to narcotics sung by Thurston and Kim, entitled "My Arena". Seven months later, the second single was released, "Little Trouble Girl", with an instrumental version on the b-side, along with the 18-minute studio improvisation "Terry's Carrot". PACKAGING The image of 2 fans wearing "Washing Machine" shirts on the cover was taken after the April 28th, sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом show at Amherst College in Amherst, MA. The shirts were signed by opening act Come. There was actually an MTV news bulletin a short while later calling out for the fans to contact the band to grant them permission to use the photograph for the album cover. The bulk of the album art is presented in polaroid photograph squares - in fact, sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом all is! The CD insert folds out to 4 double-sided pages. The disc itself depicts a monogrammed roll of masking tape. ADDITIONAL NOTES From FILTER magazine 2006 SY discography self-commentary: "It was so great to be out of NY recording somewhere else. Things were relaxed there. We ate a lot of barbeque from Payne's. I can't believe the record ever got recorded. It's one of sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом favorite's. Coko was about 8 months old. She met her first Elvis impersonator there. Though "Thumb" the working title for "Saucer-Like" sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом appear on the preliminary running order on the back of the album, the title "Trouble Girl" made it all the way to the promotional versions of sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом CD. In between writing the songs earlier this year in our practice space and recording demos we ventured out for a few little tours - maybe some of you caught us doing college shows around the Should be pretty punk. Look out for it. I'm thinking of singing a few songs on the next sonic album so you may wanna get ready for that too as it's bound to be fucking rad. Kill rock stars wants me to do a solo single but i figure. But really, after the college shows we went on a leg of theREM tourand some of you went and probably some of you said 'catch you next tmie' and then the next time turned into a mother of a tour: Lollapalooza. But let's get real - as I write this we're gearing up for a fall tour on our own in some rockin' places that you may or may not know. Apparently the US version of the 2x12", sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом the artwork displays the four sides separated as detailed above, actually has "No Queen Blues" as the final track on side 2, with just "Panty Lies" thru "Skip Tracer" on side 3 which perplexes me as side 2 already greatly outweighed side 1 with the inclusion of 'Washing Machine' and 'Unwind'. I realize now that my double-vinyl version is the European pressing, which plays as labelled above "No Queen" on side 3. In 2016 the album sonic youth washing machine скачать альбом reissued as a remastered double-vinyl as well as HD audio download. Japan Geffen MVCG 182 NOTES: CD release.

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